Film Competitions For A Cause

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Sponsor 3rd Place Trophy


*  Your business will be acknowledged on-stage as a contributor for 3rd place prize money and trophy

*  On-Screen thank you with your logo during 3rd place trophy award

*  Admission for 2 for the screening event

*  VIP seating at the screening event

*  Logo placement in advertisements

*  Logo placement in playbill at screening event

*  Exclusive Soul Proprietors “Producer” T-shirt

                                       Why your sponsorship makes good business sense:

We integrate your brand into the storyline, aligning your business with the fastest growing market:

“The Conscientious Consumer”.  

“Cause marketing sponsorships by American businesses is rising at a dramatic rate. Customers pay a higher price for a product that has personal value and people are now connecting with doing good.”

Consumers Care About Buying From Socially Responsible Brands Now More Than Ever!

“66% of global consumers say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that promote community involvement.”

Americans (aged 13 to 25) that would switch from one brand to another brand that is associated with a good cause.  

(Cone Millenial Cause Study)

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