Film Competitions For A Cause

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We tell compelling stories about local business heroes.  Our aim is to convey a strong sense of local community and social cause on a deeply personal level.


Do you consider yourself a Soul Proprietor? Is there a business you'd like to see featured on the big screen in our competition?   Please tell us about them!

Business must be locally owned


Business must be located within a 35 mile radius of the competition city center


Business must routinely dedicate part of its profits or use its business model as a means to improve the local or global community.  


Our goal is to promote the small businesses out there who are making a difference.  We ask that you submit businesses with 750 or less employees.

It’s FREE – There is zero financial cost to you.  A small time commitment is all that we ask.  


Marketing & Exposure -  This event will be marketed through local TV, magazine and radio outlets giving your company great exposure


Potential cash award -  There will be a public screening of the completed films.  100% of the door proceeds will be given to the social cause that is associated with the winning film’s business owner.   Ted Dennard ‘s Bee Cause Project was able to install a new educational bee hive thanks to his award winning film.  Your film just may be this year’s winner, giving your company ‘s charitable venture a cash award .


It Makes Good Business Sense!


“66% of global consumers say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that have programs which give back to society.”  - nielson ratings survey


“Customers pay a higher price for a product that has higher personal value and people are connecting  with doing good.” – The Wall Street Journal


"Consumers care about buying from socially responsible brands now more than ever!" -   Fast Company


89% of Americans, aged 13 to 25, would switch from one brand to another brand that is associated with a "good cause".  -  Cone Millenial Cause Study

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 Why you should participate: