Film Competitions For A Cause

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2016 Competing Film Crews

The Kirutungo Productions team  is comprised of three SCAD alumni and one current SCAD student.  They are also the first all-female team to compete with Soul Proprietors!  Kirutungo “Kee-roo-tune-go” is inspired by the Taino Indian culture - "Ki" meaning spirit of the Earth and the Afro-Puerto Rican Spanish word "jurutungo" which refers to a distant or unpredictable place attributed to nature.  They are committed to projects that are meaningful. social, environmental and ethnographic. "Every project we take part in is because we believe in its potential and impact it will have on an audience."

Kyle and Elizabeth started MADLAWMEDIA in March 2013 to pursue their love of storytelling. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design and getting married (on the same day---that's a story in itself), they had the opportunity to work together for a media archival start-up company, confirming their ability to work as an unstoppable team.   MADLAWMEDIA's work on A Few Things About Cancer was awarded with the Best Short Documentary award at FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles (2015).

Luke McMahon and Jennifer Bird met at Savannah College of Art and Design, fell in love, graduated and launched a videography business that summer. They have created projects for AT&T, Porsche, Coca-Cola, National Geographic, and many other small business and national companies.  "Our favorite part about creating videos for these businesses is uncovering the heart of the story through the images we share"

- Jennifer Bird.

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